Postmarked schrieb:
> To Whom it May Concern:
> We are design students at the School of the Museum of
> Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.  We are
> currently working on an international mail art
> project, entitled "Postmarked: A Mail Art Project™"
> We have sent you this E-mail because we are looking
> for people to take part in this project.
> If you are not the right person to contact please pass
> this on to someone more appropriate.
> Project Purpose:
> • To begin a visual dialogue with many different
> people, from many nations, about the universal problem
> of terrorism
> Questions Raised:
> • Who is labeled a terrorist?
> • How does one view a terrorist?
> • What is an act of terrorism?
> We are sending these postcards to many countries
> around the world.
> If you would like to participate in this project,
> please send us your mailing address and contact
> information.  We will then send you a package of
> postcards to distribute.
> Package will contain:
> •10 postcards to be distributed.
> • The following instructions in multiple languages:
>     How have you been affected by terrorism?  
> Respond artistically on this postcard or create a new
> one. NO ENVELOPES, Postcards only.
> Thank you.
> Thank you for your time and interest in this project.
> Sincerely,
> Postmarked